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Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection Design & Material Supply

Intuitigo Ltd. delivers a full suite of engineering services are, from initial enquiry; through site survey, detailed design and engineering; to installation supervision, commissioning and handover activities. Intuitigo Ltd. work on both impressed current (ICCP) and galvanic anode CP (GACP) systems on new build and existing structures.

Leveraging on our technical partnership, we have highly experienced and NACE certified personnels who are well equipped to provide full system design and installation services for your cathodic protection needs.

Our services include the following::

Monitoring and maintenance of Cathodic Protection Systems

Installation and repair of Cathodic Transformers/Rectifier

System design and site survey.

Ground bed design and installation.

Supply of Sacrificial Anodes

Supply of Impressed Current Anodes

Supply of MMO Anodes

Supply of Transformer/Rectifier

Jackup Oil Rig Cathodic Protection